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    Transform your career with a certified IoT professional.

    You will learn about the IoT introduction, significance, building your own IoT device, sensors, IoT communication, and security. This training will help you be a part of the IoT revolution underway around the globe.

    100% practical training only.

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    List Of Courses

    IoT for BeginnersCourse No : ESIC01
    IoT from the Ground Up Using ArduinoCourse No : ESIC02
    Powering IoT Using the Raspberry PiCourse No : ESIC03
    Powering IoT Using the ESPCourse No : ESIC04
    Powering IoT Using the Orange PiCourse No : ESIC05
    Introduction to IoT AnalyticsCourse No : ESIC06


Internet of Things(IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects, devices, vehicles, buildings, and other items, embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity, which enables these objects to collect and exchange data.

Advanced Internet of Things (IoT) Certification

The Internet of Things (IoT) is ushering in a new era in science and technology, which will forever change our personal as well as professional lives, our consumer habits, and the way we do business. With the fast-changing world, these latest inventions and innovations will become the norm by 2020, and we estimate more than 50 billion devices will be connected via the Internet. In order to create early adopters, we have introduced a one-of-kind course on ‘Internet of Things,’ the next big thing in the IT industry.

Why is Advanced IoT in Demand?

IoT extends computing and Internet connectivity from the most used devices like desktop and portable computers, smart phones and tablets to various variants of devices and everyday things. The data captured on these devices through sensors reveals interesting patterns with latent business values. Businesses are increasingly interested in leveraging insights derived from data to gain value creation. This amazing technology is creating enormous opportunities for businesses to reap greater benefits by enhancing resource efficiencies and increasing productivity.

Pre-requisites for IoT Course

Computer fundamentals and basic programming.

Overview of IoT Course Curriculum

The course is designed for professionals with basic knowledge of electronic circuit design, microcontrollers, and programming languages. The course introduces you to advanced concepts and methodologies to design, build, and deploy IoT solutions. It introduces participants to prevalent communication technologies and protocols including new-generation, IoT-friendly applications, and physical layer protocols. Participants will gain a sound understanding of widely accepted IoT frameworks and standards. The course covers popular, service-rich cloud platforms to teach how to build and deploy IoT solutions. Practical use cases and case studies have been included to make learning more pragmatic and experiential.

FREE Demo Session: Try two FREE CLASS to see for yourself the quality of training.

IoT Professional Certificate Courses The IoT Professional Certification consists of six courses.

IoT for Beginners

Step into the fantastic world of the future with this introductory course on the Internet of Things. Understand the key terminologies, explore its history, and watch stories of how IoT inventors are creating a brave new world with their path-breaking devices.

IoT from the Ground Up - Using Arduino

This course deals with basic electronics, microcontroller architectures, sensors, human-machine interfaces (HMI) and basic networking. We use the Arduino platform to teach these concepts. After doing this course, you should be able to put together IoT projects by combining micro controllers and sensors and connect them to cloud with mobile applications.

Powering IoT - Using the Raspberry Pi

The course focuses on higher-level operating systems, advanced networking, user interfaces, multi-media and uses more compute-intensive IoT applications as examples. We use the Raspberry Pi running Linux as the platform of choice, while also exposing the student to other comparable platforms. It is about gateway devices, where one can achieve scaling in amount of processing.

Powering IoT - Using the ESP

In this course, we explore the rapidly evolving field of cloud computing and its relation to IoT. We will examine cloud offerings from all the leading providers, including Amazon, Google and Microsoft, and learn to design and deploy solutions to them. This course will also have several case studies, where we examine real-world problem areas such as wearable's, home automation, and smart cities.

Powering IoT - Using the Orange Pi

The course focuses on higher-level operating systems, advanced networking, user interfaces, multi-media and uses more compute-intensive IoT applications as examples. We use the Orange Pi running Linux as the platform of choice, while also exposing the student to other comparable platforms. It is about gateway devices, where one can achieve scaling in amount of processing.

IoT Analytics

This course provides a comprehensive understanding of the IoT data analytics life cycle, with specific examples and case studies. It illustrates milestones and outcomes at each stage of the cycle, starting with data acquisition, through cleaning, exploratory analysis, preparation, and final analysis for achieving desired outcomes.

IoT Platforms

The platform uses internet transfer protocols for IoT devices to connect with another IoT devices and applications. Some of the IoT platforms are as follows

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure IoT
  • ThingWorx IoT platform
  • IBM Watson
  • Samsung Electronic launched Artik
  • Cisco IoT Cloud Connect and much more

Job Outlook

IoT will affect most industries and business sectors - around 30% of tasks and up to 60% of occupations could be automated, and almost every occupation has the potential for partial automation (Source: McKinsey Global Institute). IoT is leading to the creation of new jobs, where people who understand and can leverage the IoT to create solutions will be greatly in demand.

To remain competitive and successful in the digital economy, professionals should have an understanding of what the IoT is and how it can be used to create business solutions. This Micro Masters will also help learners to develop their analytical, creative, problem-solving and critical thinking skills, which are highly valued by employers across all fields.

IoT Course Training Benefits

  • Real Time Trainers
  • Small Training Batch
  • Flexible Timings
  • Practical Guidance
  • Excellent Lab Facility
  • IoT Resume Preparation
  • Hands on Experience
  • IoT Certification Support
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Life Time Support will be provided
  • Materials will be provided and IoT software will be provided
  • IoT course materials and interview question will be provided
  • After regular Class hours 24/7 support provided for Practice
  • Regular assignments and IoT real time tasks will be provided

IoT Course Training batch size

  • Regular Batch (Morning, Day time & Evening) - Seats Available : 5 (maximum)
  • Weekend Training Batch(Saturday, Sunday & Holidays) - Seats Available : 4 (maximum)
  • Fast Track Batch (4+ Hours daily) - Seats Available : 3 (maximum)

IoT Course Training Duration

  • Regular Classes( Morning, Day time & Evening) - Duration : 16 days
  • Weekend Training Classes( Saturday, Sunday & Holidays) - Duration : 4 Weeks
  • Fast Track Training Program( 4+ hours daily) - Duration : within 6 days

IoT Corporate Course Training

Our Corporate training programs feature:

  • Customized training programs
  • Hands-on training
  • Flexible group size
  • Affordable Price
  • Custom lessons with specific terminology and examples from your business
  • Designed and developed from scratch with your employees in mind
  • Courses can be organized by business process or job role and include any functionality that you desire.

IoT Online Course Training

  • Flexible Training Schedule - courses can be delivered at your chosen convenient time.
  • Most advanced Training Resources - structured course material, learning CDs, highly experienced and certified faculty members.
  • Video Tutorials will be provided and IoT software will be provided